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Helpful Formulas:


  • AREA = Length x Width
  • DEPTH IN FEET = Inches / 12 Inches
  • CUBIC FEET NEEDED = Area x Depth in Feet
  • CUBIC YARDS = Cubic Feet / 27
  • AREA IN CIRCLE = (Radius Squared x 3.14)
  • CIRCUMFERENCE OF CIRCLE = Diameter x 3.14

Always figure compaction for areas of 6 inches deep.
Compaction for sand and dirt is about 15% to 20%.

Download Excel Calculator

Helpful Tool:

If you are calculating the area in a circle and would like help with the calculations download the Excel calculator file. Click the button below.

  • Note: You will need to have Excel installed to use the file.

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Area Coverage Chart

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Consolidated Sand & Gravel, llc    *note: Coverage is approximate and will vary from material to material.